Second Announcement

March 07 - March 14, 2020

Hotel Sonnalp - Kirchberg in Tirol - Austria


Program committee

E. Andrei (US) Y. H. Lee (KR) S. Roth (DE)
A. Bachtold (ES) Y. Li (CN) P. Rudolf (NL)
H. M. Cheng (CN) A. Loiseau (FR) C. Schönenberger (CH)
J. Fink (DE) S. Maruyama (JP) P. Sheng (CN)
L. Forro (CH) J. Maultzsch (DE) F. Simon (HU)
M. Fuhrer (AU) F. Mauri (IT) C. Stampfer (DE)
M. Glazov (RU) G. Mele (US) M. Strano (US)
I. Grigorieva (UK) K. S. Novoselov (UK) K. Suenaga (JP)
T. F. Heinz (US) E. Obraztsova (RU) A. Swan (US)
A. Hirsch (DE) A. Penicaud (FR) C. Voisin (FR)
A. Jorio (BR) Th. Pichler (AT) J. Zaumseil (DE)
H. Kataura (JP) M. Prato (IT) A. Zettl (US)
R. Krupke (DE) S. Reich (DE)
H. Kuzmany (AT) J. Robertson (UK)


The winterschool will provide a platform for reviewing and discussing new developments in the field of novel materials and their applications.

The scope of the winterschool covers experimental and theoretical work in the following fields:

  • materials science of graphene, nanographene, and carbon nanotubes
  • novel two-dimensional materials
  • optics, electronics, growth, and selection of carbon nanotubes and graphene
  • theory of novel materials
  • applications of novel materials
  • nanostructure spintronics
  • topological materials
  • plasmonic nanostructures
  • single-molecule experiments

Invited speakers

D. Akinwande (Austin, US) A. Hüttel (Regensburg, DE)
K. Amsharov (Halle, DE) S. Ilani (Rehovot, IL)
C. Backes (Heidelberg, DE) I. Iorsh (St. Petersburg, RU)
D. Bandurin (Cambridge, US) A. Jorio (Belo Horizonte, BR)
T. Bein (Munich, DE) K. Kaiser (Zurich, CH)
S. Berciaud (, FR) C. Kastl (Munich, DE)
B. Beschoten (Aachen, DE) A. Khlobystov (Nottingham, UK)
P. Boggild (Lyngby, DK) P. Kusch (Berlin, DE)
G. Borin-Barin (Zurich, CH) F. Libisch (Vienna, AT)
R. Boya (Manchester, UK) S. Maier (Erlangen, DE)
E. Campbell (Edinburgh, UK) F. Mak (Ithaca, US)
L. Campos (Belo Horizonte, BR) E. Malic (Gothenburg, SE)
R. Danneau (Karlsruhe, DE) J. Pascual (San Sebastian, ES)
R. Deblock (Orsay, FR) C. Schönenberger (Basel, CH)
G. Duesberg (Munich, DE) H. Seiler (Berlin, DE)
D. Efetov (Barcelona, ES) T. Shegai (Gothenburg, SE)
K. Ensslin (Zurich, CH) J. Sloan (Warwick, UK)
C. Faugeras (Grenoble, FR) T. Sohier (Lausanne, CH)
S. Forel (Antwerp, BE) T. Susi (Vienna, AT)
R. Gillen (Erlangen, DE) S. Tarasenko (St. Petersburg, RU)
R. Gorbachev (Manchester, UK) H. van der Zant (Delft, NL)
I. Grigorieva (Manchester, UK) C. Voisin (Paris, FR)
M. Guerrini (Berlin, DE) U. Wurstbauer (Munster, DE)
A. Hartschuh (Munich, DE) J. Zaumseil (Heidelberg, DE)
S. Hofmann (Cambridge, UK) E. Zeldov (Rehovot, IL)
A. Högele (Munich, DE)

* speakers whose attendance has yet to be confirmed

Registration and abstract submission

If you would like to participate in the upcoming winterschool, please create an account at:

or use your existing account.

Then you can apply for participation by choosing your preferred accommodation and submitting an abstract by January 08, 2020.

Early submission of application is recommended. The number of participants will be strictly limited. Applicants submitting a contribution will be considered with preference. Applicants will be notified about acceptance by January 24, 2020.

Research lectures and posters

Invited research lectures (30 minutes, including 10 minutes for discussion) are scheduled during morning and evening sessions. Contributed abstracts covering research topics of the winterschool are scheduled as posters during our dedicated poster sessions.

Conference Publication

The research discussed in Kirchberg will be published in a special issue of physica status solidi and other journals by Wiley-VCH. All participants are strongly encouraged to submit a contribution to this issue. Details will be announced at the meeting.

Time and Location

The XXXIVth winterschool will be conducted from March 07 to March 14, 2020 at the Hotel Sonnalp in Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria.  The winterschool starts on Saturday (March 07) evening with a welcome reception. The scientific program starts on Sunday (March 08) morning and ends on Friday (March 13) evening. Departure is on Saturday (March 14) after breakfast. All participants of the winterschool will be accommodated in the hotel or in nearby hotels/private houses. Dinner will be served for all participants at the Hotel Sonnalp.


The winterschool includes your accommodation. Therefore you will be required to choose your preferred accommodation category when applying for participation. Three categories of accommodation are available:

  • A: Bed in a twin or double room at the Hotel Sonnalp or a nearby hotel for 500 €.
  • B: Bed in a three-bed room at the Hotel Sonnalp for 335 €.
  • C: Bed in a twin or double room with private bath in a nearby bed and breakfast place for 240 €.

These prices include accommodation and breakfast for the conference week. A limited number of single rooms in category A hotels will be available for an extra charge of 450 € (category S).
The conference fee amounts to 700 €. The conference fee includes the participation fee, the conference publication, coffee breaks, poster sessions, and dinner (including one beverage) at Hotel Sonnalp for the conference week.

The additional total costs for accompanying persons (i.e. persons not participating in the scientific part of the conference) are 830 € in category A, 665 € in category B and 570 € in category C. Depending on availability we might be able to offer a small number of family rooms (i.e. with more than three beds).

The fee will be due immediately after notification of acceptance.

If you'd like to receive free child care for accompanying children during conference sessions, please let us know during the registration process.


Kirchberg in Tirol/Austria can easily be reached by train or by car. The railway station "Kirchberg in Tirol" is well connected to the international airports in Munich, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. From Munich and Salzburg airports, a minibus shuttle service can be booked.